For many of us, air travel is travel to point A to point B. There is no luxury in it for us Economy Class rough riders, so you must be prepared. Simple things can make a 18 hour haul with a layover or even a cross country red eye smoother:


1.Pack your toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste or small bottle of mouthwash to give yourself a little refresh. After many hours and sleep, you’ll wake up feeling like you ate a piece of garbage and thank yourself for packing this in your carry on.


2. Pre-download any entertainment or things you want access to on your devices. I wouldn’t count on the in-flight Wi-Fi or complementary options at the airport. If you’re good with carrying books on your trip and pending space in your bag, pack something to read. You never know when your in-flight entertainment (IFE) might be malfunctioning at your seat or the whole cabin. Mine went out on a 16 HOUR FLIGHT, and I’ve had many incidents where it just is messed up at only my seat. Protect your sanity!


3. Wear layers. Not only will it help you pack more, then you can adapt to any aircraft temperature with a tank top/t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt and sweater that can double as a blanket. Some crew have the air blasting or sometimes it’s so stuffy, but you don’t know till you’re in flight.


4. Always bring your own water. Water bottles are always overpriced in the airport (marked up about 200%), so try to pack a refillable bottle, plus better for the environment. Hydration is key on any flight. It will help you walk off the plane feeling less lethargic.


5. Bring comfy socks. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s much more pleasant to have a nice pair of cozy socks that you can slip on once in the air and not have to wear your shoes or sneakers the whole flight. No one wants your bare feet or toenails in their space, so cover up either way.


All those items like socks, entertainment devices, and toiletries, set aside in a pocket or top of your carry on, so you aren’t having to rummage through with your personal things on display for all passengers or potentially fall out on them from the overhead bin.

Another best practice: The friendlier you are in the air, the more likely the flight attendants will go out of their way to make you more comfortable. Always be polite and restrained even in tense situations like a tight connection. It only escalates matters and doesn’t get you to where you need to be.

Happy travels and see you in the friendly skies!

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