Everyone loves getting positive press coverage. That’s why so many companies and experts hire public relations agencies or individuals to help bridge the gap between company and publication. While I don’t think it takes a brain surgeon to do PR, there are ways to do PR better. And here are my six recommendations:
🕒 Recognize that writers or editors are always on deadline or fielding many pitches by keeping it as brief as possible and to the point in the first two sentences. Don’t call. Email only unless otherwise requested by the media contact.
📖Show that you know their publication’s readership or audience and that your story is delivering value to them.
💡 Add a timely news topic or seasonal angle for relevancy or use a statistic that makes it a strong case for you to be included.
📲 Be fast when they need something like a quote or visual asset. The people that move quickly are usually the best resources that the media can rely on to make their deadlines.
👊 Find ways to network in-person or attend events to meet writers. Personal connections and a face to the email helps tremendously. As a person who organizes monthly travel professional meet ups for Travel Massive NYC, I’ve found that it makes my job easier and people read my emails.
💬 Read the outlets you feel are most relevant and look at who is the writer or covers that beat. Set up Google Alerts with relevant keywords and competitors to help find those relevant outlets. Then track down their email and get in touch. Tools and subscriptions that you can use to get media contact details is Cision and MuckRack.
If you have any to add, drop them in the comment section 👇 or get in touch at jessica@tripwhisperer.nyc. I have a consulting hotline if you need at Pick My Brain.

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