Last week, I packed my bags and took my tired self to Vegas to check out the new Arival Event, focusing on unifying the tours, activities and “in-destination” industry – basically, anything you do when you get there the founders Bruce Rosard, Douglas Quinby and Alex Kremer summed up so well.

It’s true that we are always hearing about where to stay, and how to get there, that the best part of the trip doesn’t seem to have the force in the industry or digital know-how that it should, while it carries some of the biggest “spend” on your trip – time and monetarily.  Naturally, I’m only going to talk about how fabulous my trip was, not how annoying the passenger in 33D was on social media, or tell my friends over wine in my post-trip glow.

While I have been go-go-go, I’m really glad I took the time and invested in Arival. I am a professional networker and public relations gal at heart. I liked that I went to an event that I hardly knew anyone. It pushed me to meet new people. And no matter how outspoken and social I am, that is not always an easy task. I went to support fellow Travel Massive Chapter Leaders, Bruce Rosard, and Alex Kremer, and represent for Travel Massive as the North America coordinator. Travel Massive was a community partner for the event, which really sums up what we’re all about too. I love connecting the dots, the industry, and smart people, doing great things. To that effect, I hope to see more and more of the folks I met at the conference (all 600 or so) pop up in my LinkedIn feed, join the Travel Massive community, benefit from the each others’ services, and continue to revolutionize tours & activities –  how we see and experience the world.

Another great connection and pleasant surprise to see there, Nick Vivion Editor-in-Chief of tnooz. As their site says, “tnooz is the original independent media brand covering technology, digital distribution, media and marketing, strategy, startups, and financing in the travel sector.” Basically, they’ve been around the block, covering all that matters in this orbit. Their team had set up a live news feed and interview area to broadcast the interesting brands, influencers, and people there. Nick even asked me to add my two cents, mostly calling on my PR background. A lot of these people are there to streamline logistics, learn how to market themselves (or better), find distribution, and garner awareness. PR is a grey area and an unknown side of the “awareness” mix. While poor Nick forgot that I’m longwinded, I had a lot to say in a short time. Mostly, I like to share knowledge and mistakes that I’ve learned from, and experience, so that as a whole, we can do better.

Here’s what I had to say… at around the 4 minutes 30-second point and to catch what everyone else had to say with tnoozLIVE:

To receive Arival updates and future event announcements, follow them on Travel Massive for exclusive discounts or benefits: https://travelmassive.com/arival. Check out tnooz or even hire them for your next event LIVE: https://travelmassive.com/tnooz.

Oh, and it wasn’t all work. We did partake in Vegas shenanigans by way of the conference parties like a visit to the Wynn’s Surrender, VooDoo Lounge with a view of The Strip, happy hour at the rooftop at The Linq, and a spin on the High Roller. After the conference, we dabbled in our own nightlife adventures at Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan to see Tritonal – the DJ duo.

After a horrific week that Vegas and it’s residents endured prior – and all of America for that matter, I was happy to see the spirit alive and people’s intent on showing that the evil of some, cannot snuff out our bright lights. #vegasstrong

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