I teamed up with Travel Massive Toronto and a buddy of mine Lee Abbamonte to talk about how to become a source to the media. This was recorded on July 30th, and still a helpful resource to reference.

Are you an expert in your field?

Do you want to expand your footprint, and increase your value and audience?

A great way to achieve this is to appear regularly in trusted news outlets and become a source to the media. Tune into the video below.

How to become a source to the media

Jess Parker, long-time travel publicist, and Lee Abbamonte, travel expert and content creator, will share their tricks of the trade and examples of how exactly you would go about getting in the news and pitching yourself to the media.

Who is this for?

Travel industry professionals including travel experts, brands, or content creators who want to leverage the power of PR. This session will also be applicable to entrepreneurs, businesses, or startups looking for publicity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tangible tips on how to present yourself to the media and pitch yourself
  • Make yourself relevant in the news of the day – planning ahead and fine-tuning your value-add to the media
  • Who to pitch and when: broadcast, print and online
  • Partnerships with brands + spokesperson opportunities

For more events and to connect with the travel community, make a profile on TravelMassive.com. Any follow up for the instructors, find us online @TripWhisperer + @LeeAbbamonte.

About the Speakers:

Jessica Parker @TripWhisperer is a long-time travel publicist, spending the majority of her career in New York City. She has worked for mid to large-sized agencies, in-house for a hospitality brand as the director of marketing, and has been consulting for a range of clients for the past 4.5 years including airlines, tour operators, destinations, and travel agencies.

In her newly launched PR course on Teachable called Unpacking the Secrets of Public Relations, Jessica (me!) shares her pearls of wisdom from years of experience and sound advice to those in or getting into the field (PS: Be sure to tune in for a special discount offer!) Jessica is the former chapter leader for NYC who went on to start the Travel Massive Beirut chapter. She is also @Travel_Con organizer.

Lee Abbamonte @LeeAbbamonte is the youngest person to visit every country in the world plus the North & South Poles. He has visited all 193 UN member states; 323 total countries and is one of the world’s most-traveled people (https://www.leeabbamonte.com).

Lee is an entrepreneur, multimedia travel personality, brand ambassador, travel expert, travel writer, author and global adventurer. He appears regularly on national TV networks like CNN, Fox News & MSNBC. He has been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, Conde Nast Traveler and countless others.

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