Thanksgiving has come and gone. It’s now December 12th. Like me, you may have put off buying gifts or just short on time. It’s an annual challenge to come up with creative ideas or personal gifts for friends, family members, colleagues, significant others each year. Here are my suggestions that you can still pull off on short notice:

  • Sign them up for a class like photography lessons, tipsy painting, cooking class or beer making (hint hint: me).
  • Translation Ear Buds! Google Pixel Buds have Google Translate in up to 40 languages in real time.
  • Frame a memory! So many people only have digital photos, and they live on social media nowadays. Grab one of those beauties and send it Framebridge or Social Print Studio. Or even send it to Boomf for some edible memories. I’ve used each one and was very happy with the results.
  • Get tickets to an experience. One that you can do together or they can take a +1. Try Museum After Dark, a local food festival (Bacon Festival or Bloody Mary! to get creative), a walking tour in your own city, wine or beer tasting at a local establishment. Get creative and go local.
  • Luggage or a handy weekend bag. This can be a pricey gift but something that will be thoroughly appreciated and well-used. Check out Bric’s – chic and not overpriced, Lo&Sons and vintage-inspired Steamline Luggage.
  • Travel guide or illustrated map. Has someone been going on and on about a place they’ve wanted to visit? Grab them the travel guide, or look around a site like They Draw & Travel for some cool illustrated maps.
  • Books! Guidebooks & inspirational books. I love buying kiddos these Lonely Planet Kids books The Travel Book or Kids Amazing World Atlas.
  • Travel perfumes. I am always on the road and need a scent that I can stick in my bag that won’t go over 3 ounces. Plus, you can use it to freshen up without openly spraying a fragrance in a plane or tight quarters.
  • A Globe Bar. Spin the globe while you sip some spirits. The piece will jazz up your living space and the travel conversation. I just got one myself, and it looks fabulous.
  • Subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. Like craft beer club, bacon, hot sauce or wine delivered to your door with Wine Awesomeness.
  • Most of all, this is the season for giving. Get a gift tied to giving to a charitable foundation or gives proceeds to a good cause. A few good examples of a win-win this season: Kind Traveler, Proud PourTOMS, FEED, Thistle Farms Jet Set kit, Me to We Tea.

It seems that many of my suggestions involve eating and drinking, but really, that’s not such a bad thing. Cheers and happy holidays!


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