Here at Trip Whisperer, I am happy to support the National Plan for Vacation Day (NPVD), the annual day for Americans to plan their vacation for the entire year at the start of the year, on January 26. Ironically, the CDC International (executive order) mandate starts today about mandatory testing. We’ll get into that more later. That doesn’t stop us from planning ahead! 

Though many of you may still not be ready or able to take a trip just yet, there is a wealth of information that says simply planning a vacation can increase happiness. 

In fact, 97% of survey respondents say having a trip planned makes them happier—and that’s exactly what we will encourage Americans to do this year.” – US Travel Association Survey

In 2020, the constraints of the pandemic resulted in Americans using, on average, just 6.8 earned vacation days for travel. Survey data shows that 84% of Americans are excited to plan a vacation in the next six months, indicating an impending surge in travel demand once conditions improve. With so many great travel deals to be had, savvy vacation planners who are able to book future trips now would be wise to take advantage of these offers—before demand picks up.

To prepare or plan ahead (when travel will look a lot different), I’m a travel advisor that’s here to help you navigate the new requirements, what to expect and keep vacation enjoyable – as it should be! Travel planning is my life and attention to detail is my jam. 

Most importantly, I encourage everyone to continue to adhere to healthy travel practices—whether one is planning a vacation in the short term or for later this year. 

U.S. Travel Association’s Travel Confidently toolkit has a wealth of resources and guidance to encourage safe and healthy travel, which includes wearing a mask, frequent hand washing, maintaining physical distance when possible and staying home if feeling sick. 

This year’s NPVD is taking place amid challenging times, but we can still look forward to—and plan for—brighter days. Today in honor of the travel holiday, use the hashtag #PlanForVacation and tell us where you’re dreaming of traveling to next. I’m a sucker for any reason to plan or daydream about my next trip. 

Connect with me by email jessica@tripwhisperer.nyc to set up a consultation call to see if I can help you plan your next trip and explain how I work as a travel advisor

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