In a series of right place, right time events, I’ve found myself living in Beirut for the last two years with my German boyfriend, who I happened to meet on a boat off the shores of Zanzibar nearly four years ago. Like I said, it’s been an interesting few years to say the least.

When I found myself with the opportunity to go to Lebanon, I didn’t have more than past headlines of civil war, Lebanese dishes exported to the US and location to go on. So, I dove into research and Googling. Yet, I found searching around online didn’t yield tons of information on tourism. It was bits and pieces in articles but hard to pin down on Google Maps the places mentioned at times or how best to get around. In comes #LiveLoveLebanon, a hashtag that helped lead me to hundreds of travel inspiration posts on Instagram. I come to find that the Lebanese love the gram as much as we do…or maybe more.

Lots of likes and accounts followed later, I laid out some plans to see Lebanon. I was determined to get familiar with my new home. And, that I did. Most Lebanese joke that I’ve been to more places than them.

After hosting nearly a dozen visitors, I have crisscrossed the country and managed to survive driving in Lebanon – which is a feat in itself! Each time, I get a thrill out of showing people the Lebanon that I know and sharing my love for the country to the broader world.

In comes my friend Alex, the force behind Alex in Wanderland. She came to visit this past September, and it was a serendipitous trip. At the end, we both had an epiphany at the swim-up pool bar that we had to bring a Wander Women Retreat here!

And so, we bring to you the very first Wander Women Retreat Lebanon August 15-22, 2020. We only have 14 spots and those that follow Alex in Wanderland and our friends get first dibs.

The itinerary focuses on supporting local businesses, a cooking class with a women’s collective, a visit to the country’s first microbrewery, an Arabic calligraphy workshop, SUP in the Mediterranean, daily yoga, sip wine among the vines at boutique wineries, hike among the Cedars of God, stay on an agro-farm and make your own jam, swim-up bars and hookah, and much more.

Reserve your spot here!

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