One day, I’m sitting at my desk and I get an email response from a pitch to a journalist at The New York Times. I’m about to fall off my chair if this reporter really wants to run a story about my client. As the exchange progresses, the writer is going in another direction with the story. Just like that, I’m out. 

How do you walk back from telling your boss that you had a lead in The New York freakin’! Times and it just “went away”? How do I just let it go and not ruin the relationship due to client pressure to “make it work”?

It takes a lot of willpower and experience. Since experience can’t be bought, I want to bring you up to speed with some real-life best practices and key lessons in my course “Unpacking the Secrets of PR,” now live on Teachable

If public relations were easy, I wouldn’t be here teaching this course. No offense. I would be a millionaire skipping across the globe as I please. There’s no such thing as a silver bullet and many outside forces will shift your course and ruin a brilliant media plan.

But it’s the thrill of the win, and bending your mind to be a creative solution provider, that keeps us coming back for more. Like junkies on the third coffee of the day. 

Please allow me to give you some critical advice to succeed in public relations that many other courses, panels or classes at university don’t touch on. Trust me, I’ve learned a lot of this on the job, and I happen to mark high on emotional intelligence, which did give me an advantage. I may not be the wordsmith of the year, but damn, do I know how to work well with people and have creative ideas, in my humble opinion. 

Unpacking the Secrets of Public Relations Course
Public relations course curriculum

Since there’s really only so much I can sum up in a course, I will be developing others to drill into topics and welcome feedback to address additional topics that can help you in the field. 

And, I’m always available via my hourly Pick My Brain consulting for those that want tailored advice (special discount for my students!): http://www.tripwhisperer.nyc/pick-my-brain-pr-marketing-hotline/

Find the course online here. Once you buy the class, it’s yours indefinitely so you can refer to this whenever you need, and do it at your own pace.  

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