Get the World Delivered to Your Door.

While the global pandemic clipped my wings and slowed us all down, we all have missed that outside connection with the world and supporting many communities that depend heavily on visitors and buying locally-crafted items.

There are ways to responsibly source items from locals to your door. Here are a few travel-related subscriptions and businesses to support that bring the world to you or you to the world – however you want to look at it:

GlobeIn: At the time I signed up for this service, I didn’t realize that buying a house was in my near future. On sheer good timing, I opted into the service, which ranges in tiers and more cost effective when you sign on for several months. All the items are now decorating my house or useful items in the kitchen. There is such a great selection that I could change it up each time and add on through their shop when I really loved a craftsperson or regional item.

Ten Thousand Villages: Storefront and e-commerce options for this long-standing fair trade company. The maker-to-market page gives you the chance to know more about the artisans and where your money is going.

The Wordy Traveler: Turning pages to the world. This quarterly subscription will transport you on countless journeys through different storytellers, explorers and dreamers like you.

Also note that “More importantly, your subscription provides life-saving nutrition to women and children around the world while supporting emerging artists and small businesses.” I love that!

Plus “each box includes ethically-sourced premium tea evocative of the region and a limited-edition fine art print that captures the beauty of travel. In addition, a selection of artisanal souvenirs, bookmarks, collectable charms, and coffee are included in certain subscription options.”

Who can pass that kind of book club up?!

Stocking up on wine for pandemic summer.

Wine Awesomeness: A monthly wine subscription that sources wine from around the world – smaller wineries with a unique story and winemakers! I’ve been getting it for years now and happen to be friends with the founders, win-win. I cannot recommend it enough. It certainly helped get me through the pandemic!

Pennsylvania happens to be particularly brutal when it comes to booze laws, so we don’t really get the best selection and this always delivers each month, get it… You can choose three bottles, reds, whites or six variety pack, which is my preference and so affordable, with delivery included. Here’s my referral link so you get a gift on your first purchase: https://www.talkable.com/x/pL7fIg

In light of the pandemic changing how we interact with the world, you can access virtual experiences from the comfort of your home, some paid and some content that lives online for free. You can even see the National Parks that are sold out this summer and dodge the crowds. Check out these ideas on Thrillist.

Butternut squash ravioli from scratch!

While I was at home, I refreshed my pasta making skills with Walks virtual cooking classes, went to South Africa to learn more about Nelson Mandela, and even saw what it was like in Wuhan, a city thrust into the spotlight in 2020 for all the wrong reasons.

If you’re not ready for physical travel just yet, these are all great options to open yourself up to the world.

What subscription have you tried or like to receive? Share other recommendations to help small businesses!

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