On a sunny afternoon, two years ago at a swim bar with music pumping in the background in the heart of Beirut, a plan was hatched. Wander Women Retreats was going to come to Lebanon after Alex (of Alex in Wanderland) came over for a whirlwind visit.

Life was more civil then. It harkened back to the golden age before the civil war. People dined, clubbed, spent long days by the sea, Sundays with family, and lived like there was no tomorrow. That’s never been more true then now. Life is fleeting and the situation deteriorating quickly.

Despite the brutal power cuts in August and countless crises, we pulled off an epic trip with 14 women who came from across the US. All of them inquisitive, adventurous and generous.

There’s so much to be thankful for. I’ll start with the local partners and people, who continuously supported us and welcomed us so graciously. It was a whole country effort.

Thank you to the women who entrusted us to lead them and show them a memorable adventure! Think we nailed it.

When putting this trip together, it was really hard to choose and fit so much into only seven days. Let’s go over the highlights from the trip.

My mission: I want everyone to love Lebanon as much as me. Enjoy this photo tour for now…

After the heat of Beirut, the drier mountain heat was a warm welcome and the relief of the cool nights, plus all the delicious wines in Bekaa Valley.

Skipping across the mountain range with wildly changing typography, we stop in the Cedars Forest, and the highest point in Lebanon.

After lots of touring, we settled into Batroun, the local beach town where flip flops are customary and everyone knows everyone. While we did indulge in plenty of beach fun, we took a break to do a beach cleanup and reflect on how lucky we were to do this trip…

Before returning to the buzz of Beirut, we ventured a bit north to our last beach club in Chekka.

Now for the goodbyes and generous send off. The ladies contributed to various NGOs across Lebanon, brought much-needed products to donate and supported female-owned organizations. So proud!

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