It’s odd to be planning for fall in the dead of heat, but it’s a great time to jump on your fall and holiday travel plans. Here are a few suggestions to inspire your next trip:

Are you a beer lover, enjoy quaint towns and countryside? Book yourself a flight to Germany for Oktoberfest this September. But not to Munich. Go to its neighboring city Stuttgart and nearby Heidelberg for less crowds and a local experience.

Do you have two weeks to travel and vacations days to burn before the end of the year? Make your way over to Asia. The flights in October/November start around $500. Last November, I snagged a flight round trip from New York to Ho Chi Minh for $510 all in with one short stop in Shanghai. Flights are looking about the same this year again. Vietnam is a great country to travel on a budget, as well as, the surrounding countries. However, I felt that even two weeks felt like we were running through the country. Check out my two weeks in Vietnam.

One of the best times to travel internationally is over the Thanksgiving week. While everyone is criss-crossing the US to see family and friends, you can find nice flight options to places like Europe and South America, particularly if you love horses. Argentina’s polo season is in the fall and kicks off the warmer weather. Treat yourself to a fine steak and bottle of Malbec, or a few.

When it starts to get chilly in the US, time to venture to the southern hemisphere for the summer season. Consider South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The wines in South Africa and New Zealand are delicious and the wineries are dreamy landscapes that will make everyone who follows you on Instagram jealous.

Now, what are you waiting for? Book that trip that you’ve been dying to take.


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